Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori has created an Organisation Capability Model, named “E Tipu”, based on the Language Planning Elements outlined by Fishman and incorporates elements from language planning implemented in Scotland and Wales. It sets out what organisations can expect to see as they improve but does not necessarily establish the reo vision of that organisation. That vision must be set within the context of the purpose, vision and activity of the organisation. The items listed are not extensive or mandatory. They are provided as examples of what an organisation may consider. The model outlines levels of progress for organisations committed to the Crown Māori Language Strategy by utilising the levers that government has at its disposal to normalise the language i.e. create a supportive environment where the Māori language is seen, learnt, heard and used.

This is a continuous improvement model. Continuous improvement is an ongoing, long-term approach to improve processes, products and services. In contrast to change management, continuous improvement occurs gradually and aims to make small incremental changes over time. Continuous Improvement requires a systemic dissatisfaction with the status quo, no matter how good the organisation is perceived to be. There needs to be a collective understanding that standing still is not improvement.